Several of our League members show up in NB as having “opted out” of email, and consequently are not receiving any of our communications. They are active participants and their email addresses are correct. How did this happen and what can I do?


This is frequently the result of a member unchecking the “Send email updates” option found on many of our League’s online forms. The best approach is to contact the member and explain that as long as they are “opted out” they'll miss hearing about upcoming League programs, advocacy efforts and voter service activities. You can also share that they can opt back in selectively.  If the opting out was unintentional, the member will usually ask how to reactivate their email.

Encourage the member to follow these steps to opt back into receiving League emails:

#1 Go online to

#2 Check the box next to any publications or communications they want to receive.

#3 Enter their email address in the box below the list.

#4 Click “Save preferences” at the bottom of the page.

Occasionally, NB remembers that the member opted out and won't allow them to sign up on the Unsubscribe page. If that happens, they can try subscribing here instead.