How can I create an event page that uses ticket sales that offer different options, like dinner menu choices, or member and non-member charges that will actually work?!


  1. If you don't already have one, create a Calendar page named "Events" and make the slug something like "your_league_events".
    • You do not need anything on the Intro tab as your current events will be listed here in date order.
    • On your "Page settings" menu choice, DO add the tag "homepage" to the tags field. This will make all current  events appear on your website homepage, and they will disappear after the event date is past!  Automatically.
    • Use the Events & subpages tab to create your new event
  2. (The NewEventButton.jpg button is all the way on the right-hand side of the screen!)
  3. This event is on your webpage, so the name of your League doesn't have to be in the  name, how about "Annual Meeting 2022"?
  4. The slug pops in automatically as "annual_meeting_2022", unless that slug has already been used, in which case you will have to get more creative.
  5. For now, let's leave this event "unlisted" rather than published. If it is unlisted it will not show up on your website yet.
  6. Create the  page by clicking Button to create a page
  7. Pointers on the "Basics"
    • Use the "Capacity" field if your venue has limitations. 
    • Use the "Additional RSVPs" field if you have invited some guests, like a speaker who you will not be requiring to purchase a ticket.
    • In the right-hand panel, click the radio box for "Sell tickets". You will save your work and come back later to fill in the page slug you will be creating to manage the ticket levels.
    • You will probably be accepting RSVPs, so check that box.
    • You can check the box to allow a person RSVPing to indicate the number of guests they are paying for. The imaginary menu (ticket) choices are going to add up to the number of  guests but this will give you a second way of counting to make sure everything is in balance.
    • Those who register will be given the option of Not having their RSVP listed on the event page, so it is OK to check the "Show who RSVPed" option.
  8. Pointers on the "Advanced" menu choice
    • Filling in the slug of the page you want folk to land on after they register allows you to highlight what's going on in your League. This is a great way for you to begin thinking strategically about how your website can be used to move your work forward.
    • Whether you tag attendees in some way depends on the significance of this particular event in the life of your League. We will be able to search for people who RSVPed for this event, so be careful about adding another tag!
  9. Pointers on the "Intro" menu choice
    • Pictures are good, but don't make your whole event a picture/image because individuals with a visual impairment will not be able to utilize their screen reader to absorb all of the wonderful information.
    • Instead use NationBuilder's tools to provide the inviting invitation you desire, and people will be able to view it on mobile devices, tablets and larger displays. (Don't use pictures of text!)
  10. Pointers on the "Autoresponse" menu choice
    • This is the RSVP confirmation email - if there is a charge for any of the tickets they buy, they will get that receipt in a separate email.
    • You can add some lines in this confirmation like the event agenda, parking directions, or if the event is virtual, here is where you insert the Zoom or Google Meet link.
  11. Pointers on the "Tickets" menu choice ("Event settings" submenu)
    • Here is what one ticket choice looked like for the 2017 LWVMD Convention in Kent County: Convention 2017 ticket choice showing the registration cost for three days of meals and two nights of lodging.
    • The name of this ticket is "$280.00 3day/2nights"
    • The Description can be as long as needed and will be displayed on your website below as shown. The registrant changes the "0" to the number of tickets desired. If you are buying tickets for yourself and a daughter, for example, they enter a "2".
    • In the case that your caterer has offered a chicken and a steak menu choice, the name of the ticket could be as simple as "Chicken" or  "Steak" (two separate ticket levels, mind you - you enter them one at a time) and you can type in the complete menu that goes with the protein choice in the Description field.
    • After you have filled in the Name, Description and Amount fields, click Image of the Save button
    • Notice that the ticket you just saved is now at the bottom of the page and the blanks have reappeared, ready for you to add your next ticket level, if there is one.
    • To edit the tickets you have already entered, as you mouse over the ticket levels you already created a link reading "edit" will pop up just to the left of the ticket cost - when you click on "edit" the Name, Description and Amount will pop into the upper blanks enabling you to make your changes.
    • Now we need a donation page for these ticket purchases.
  12. Create a Subpage using the next submenu choice
    • Way over on the right-hand side, click on the Subpage button button
    • Pick the Donation V2 template for this page
    • Create a page name and slug you will remember, like "YourLeagueAnnualMeeting2022Ticket"
    • The slug for this page you create will be the name of the page to purchase tickets that we skipped over in step 7 above.
    • You will want to edit the Autoresponse that goes with your new donation page. Here is what to look out for
      • Edit the title to say something like "Receipt for 2022 Annual Meeting". Yes it is a kind of donation, but this tells the customer what they have paid for
      • In the box with the text in it that says "... in honor of...." delete all of this text - it will print on the receipt, and for this type of transaction it is meaningless.
  13. Go back and enter the name of your new donation page on the Basics tab, save and begin previewing your  wonderful work!