Make your homepage more dynamic

Your home page does not have to be static content. You can have excerpts from blogs, events, and other pages showing up dynamically on your homepage. 

Ways to Use the Homepage Widget

NationBuilder has something called a homepage widget. If you add the tag "homepage" to any published content, a portion of the content will display on the homepage after any static content you have there. You can use the "homepage" tag to quickly and easily display a portion of just about any page on the homepage.

Blogs: If the main page of any blog is published and contains the "homepage" tag, the most recent entries from the blog will automatically be displayed on the homepage. You can use this to display current calls to action or anything else you want to update regularly and automatically show on your homepage. If you tag a single post in a blog, rather than the main blog page, that page will appear as a "Featured Post" on your homepage.

Events: If your calendar page is tagged with "homepage" then any upcoming events published under the calendar will display on the homepage. If it is past the event date, the event will no longer display. And if you want to feature a specific event, you can tag that directly with the "homepage" tag and it will display as a "Featured Event."

Pages with Forms: If you tag a page that has a form, such as a Volunteer or Join page, that form will appear on the homepage. You may want to do this during volunteer, membership, or donation drives.


Changing the Titles of Homepage Excerpts

Most of the text for the titles used in the homepage section that shows the excerpt is located in the _homepage_excerpt.html file in your Custom Theme files. Search for the text you want to replace, and change it to the desired text.