I'd like to add images to our website. How do I know if a picture is copyrighted? Where can I find unrestricted images at no cost?


To understand the importance of observing copyrights, please watch this 4 minute video.

The safest images to put on a website or social media are ones that you (or someone you knew) created and granted permission to use.

Other prospective sources include:

  • LWVUS Flickr site;
  • public domain resources, e.g. governmental websites; 
  • free stock* images on community sites such as Unsplash.com and FreeImages.com;
  • images that were created and published before 1923.

Many websites claim to offer royalty-free images. Be sure to read the fine print!

Regardless of the copyright status of the image, always credit the source. If you received permission or paid to use an image, keep the documentation in a shared League folder.

Please see the Images and Your Website FAQ for guidance on posting images. Click here to learn more about copyrights.

*Pay close attention when searching these websites; they offer both free stock and copyrighted images.