HB 378 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard – Qualifying Biomass (Young, K.) Withdrawn.

HB 656 Electricity – Energy Storage – Fuel Cells (Stored Energy and Power (StEP) Act) (Korman) Unfavorable.

HB 933 Energy Efficiency and Demand Management Programs and Services – Repeal (Parrott) Withdrawn.

HB 1087/SB 481 Electricity – Community Solar Energy Generating System Program (Clippinger) Passed.

SB 760 Public Utilities – Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard – Combustion Source (Montgomery) Reading in Senate Rules. No further action.

SB 154/HB 636 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard – Thermal Energy (Middleton) Unfavorable report out of House EMC. No further action.

SB 353 Electric Companies – Installation of Solar Electric Generating Facility – New Interconnection Agreement (Hershey) Passed.

SB 373/HB 377 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard – Revisions (Maryland Clean Energy Advancement Act of (2015) (Feldman plus 15/Frick plus 45) Withdrawn.

SB 398 Public Service Commission – Community Solar Projects or Virtual Net Energy Metering – Study (Pugh) Passed.

Hugh Haskell