Donate to Make Every Vote Count - #FairMaps

LWVMD's years of work to reform Maryland's redistricting reform process has won recognition by LWVUS, and we have been awarded an $8,000 grant to educate the public from June 2018 through December 2018 - but the clock doesn't stop there! In fact, we'll just be getting to the most important time of year for legislative reform - the Legislative Session of the Maryland General Assembly!

There is a real urgency in Maryland to persuade our legislators to pass meaningful reform for our redistricting process during the 2019 session. 

Since REAL REFORM can only be achieved through a constitutional amendment, we have to get redistricting reform on the ballot in 2020, before the next redistricting process starts in 2021. 

A constitutional amendment MUST be voted on by the PEOPLE, meaning that the Maryland General Assembly has to pass legislation THIS NEXT session to get reform in motion that will make a difference when the next census triggers the redistricting process.

The 2020 census data is what informs the process of redistricting for the subsequent DECADE.

If nothing changes, we'll be stuck with the same old broken redistricting process we've had in Maryland for the previous 10 years!

This is the process that has given us a district that's been compared to blood spatter and a broken-winged pterodactyl.

And let's not forget how the state's legislative districts were drawn, with wandering fingers, and community slicing lines.

To ensure that we get a FAIR districting process in the next cycle, we have to act NOW. The clock is ticking!

Can you help? Let's see if we can MATCH the grant from LWVUS by the time session begins on January 9, 2019!

Research shows that 73 percent of Marylanders support having an independent commission draw district lines - that's 4,438,109 people! We can do this!

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