LWVMD offers five levels of access to the NationBuilder control panel (aka back end or operating system):

  1. Web Author - the most common access level that allows authoring web pages, membership maintenance and communication (sending email blasts); 
  2. Treasurer - web author level plus access to financial transactions;
  3. Admin2 - treasurer level plus access to website settings;
  4. Staffer - web author level plus certain admin2 permissions and limited access to financial transactions;
  5. Admin - the highest level of access (reserved for Online Services Committee members).

Need web access? Have your president click here to download and then fill out the access request form, and then download and fill out the Confidentiality Agreement and email both to the same address ([email protected]). (The fillable options will not work inside many browsers although the forms will display quite nicely, hence the caution to download the form so you can fill it out in an Adobe compatible program!)

Local League Presidents are requested to use the same request form to withdraw control panel access when appropriate. Email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.