The LWV State Council went off on June 9, 2018, without a hitch. Harford County Executive Barry Glassman opened to program with a brief talk about LWV and Harford County. Amy Hjerstedt gave a presentation on the Transformation Road Map which focused on who LWV is and what our main concerns should be. The council then broke into small “work groups” to discuss the presentation and the reactions of the individual members and local LWVs. When discussing the things we either approved of or found concerning, notes were made to the 2018-2019 State Board which will be discussed out the Board Retreat in July.

Meg Heubeck, a professor of Civic Education from the University of Virginia, then spoke on the importance and utilization of Civic Education while Council attendees enjoyed their lunch. Ms. Huebeck hopes to bring back a spirit of discourse, debate, and compromise that seems to be missing in today’s culture. She believes that can be accomplished through civic education and working with students.

Many interesting reports were presented to the group on Consensus Studies and plans for the LWVMD in the future. There is at least one study group who hopes to be ready to vote on their issue at next year’s Conference (June 7 – 9, 2019) so be ready to put together a consensus meeting in your local League this winter.

Beyond our successful workshops and discussions, several new items for fundraising purposes were unveiled to the group. Many of our honored guests – including all of our Report from State Circle contributors – received the stylish LWV Maryland flag pins as a thanks for their hard work over this legislative season. Many of our new items were very popular and we hope to see large sales at the upcoming National Convention in Chicago. Be sure to check out our wares page on the website to see for yourself. Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s Council such a fruitful day. We would like to thank all those who participated in this rewarding event.

Theresa Freligh
LWVMD Secretary