All of the bills covered in RSC 1-5 failed to get a vote, and thus died in committee with the exception of the 3 listed below.

HB 485 Election Law – Fair Campaign Financing Fund - Income Tax Checkoff will reinstitute a voluntary check-off on the Maryland Income Tax form to provide campaign funding for Gubernatorial candidates who qualify for the program.

HB 769 Election Law – Persons Doing Public Business – Statements of Contributions will require an officer of a company that is actively working on a government contract worth at least $200,000 at the time they make a contribution of $500 or more to a candidate (or incumbent office holder) to report the name of the candidate (and office they are seeking) or office holder to the Board of Elections.

HB 775 Inaugural Committees – Required Disclosure of Donors and Donor Amounts will require an Inaugural Committee to provide a list of donors to any individual upon request.

Nancy Soreng