LWVUS sends letter to EPA on Fracking

Thirty State Leagues signed a letter to officials at the Environmental Protection Agency recommending key ways their Congress-mandated report on fracking needs to be improved.  Read the letter here.


Gerrymander Cake and other Highlights from Elbridge Gerry Birthday Commemoration

On July 16, LWVMD and our Tame the Gerrymander coalition partners commemorated the birthday of Elbridge Gerry, the namesake of the practice of gerrymandering election districts.  Featured at the event was a chef who shared his recipe for Gerrymander Cake.  To read the recipe, click here. To see a fifteen minute video of the event, click here

To see a 2 minute video of the chef baking his cake click here.


First Public Meeting of Governor Hogan's Redistricting Rerform Commission

The League of Women Voters of Maryland has been invited to present expert testimony at the first public meeting of Gov. Hogan's Redistricting Reform Commission in Towson. 

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Maryland Voter for Summer 2015 released

The Voter is published three times a year.  Check it out on our "Newletters" menu...


Nation Builder Trainings

Those thinking about signing up for website training BEWARE.  All training will be done on Saturdays, and the original email had one scheduled for October 2nd, a Friday.  That training is on the 3rd!

Our final training will be in Stevensville rather than in Centerville - not the change in location.