Politicians have been playing games with our democracy for far too long!  Elbridge Gerry - the original district distortionist - would be 274 this July! It’s time that we the PEOPLE take control of the game, and show them how it should be played. Politicians in Maryland have been bending the rules of redistricting in their favor long enough - it’s time for them to use a rulebook that ensures Fair Maps for all Maryland citizens!

Join Tame the Gerrymander for Elbridge Gerry’s birthday celebration on Sunday, July 15th and learn more about how gerrymandering hurts the integrity of our elections, diminishes the voice of the people, and how we are going to take the board back from self-interested partisan players in the political world.

But that’s not all - a birthday does call for a celebration - so we’ll have our own games to play, cake to share, and merriment to make. So join us for a lovely afternoon in the heart of Downtown Frederick on Carroll Creek. Hang out and learn to how to Tame a Gerrymander in Maryland’s 6th - the district that brought Maryland’s district debacle to the Supreme Court!

This event is Free & Open to All - But if you would like to help Fund Tame the Gerrymander's Efforts to Educate and Advocate, please Donate Here Today!

Our goal of $1,000 will support party games, venue costs, and most importantly - Advocacy Tool-kits to help YOU help US to Tame the Gerrymander in Maryland THIS YEAR!


$570.00 raised so far. Help us get to $1,000.00

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