2018 Voter's Guide Fundraiser!

The League of Women Voters of Maryland (LWVMD) is proud to say we provided candidate information to more than a quarter million Marylanders in advance of the June 26 primary election!

This included 188,000 copies of the Voter’s Guide printed by local Leagues, over 10,000 views of those Guides on the LWVMD website, and more than 53,000 users of the interactive online version of the guide at Vote411.org. This represents more than 30% of the votes cast for all candidates for Governor.

Now, the General Election cycle is upon us, and we want to reach even more Marylanders with our nonpartisan, straight-from the candidates, voter information.

The Voter’s Guide and Vote411.org will be updated for the general election. That edition will include the nominees of major and minor parties, candidates nominated by petition, appellate judgeships and ballot questions.

LWVMD's Voter's Guides are made possible by the work of over 50 dedicated volunteers throughout the state, working to invite candidates to respond to questions through Vote411.org , transfer information that information into downloadable PDFs and print guides. For the June 26th Primary Election, LWVMD provided election information to over 250,000 Marylanders & we want to reach even more people during the General Election - our supporters make that possible.

To support the Voter's Guide today, please donate to the LWVMD Education Fund - as little as $5 help to cover Vote411.org maintenance costs OR the printing and distribution of 1 guide, working to ensure that every Maryland Voter has access to unbiased nonpartisan election information!

Can you help ensure every Maryland voter has access to the LWVMD Voter’s Guide?

Who's donating

Michelle Minitti
Jill Bussey
Christine Wells
Loriane Black
Martha Hankins
Debra Thangarajah
Edith Perry
Jeanne Halpin
Nancy Wiecking
Mary Jane Morse
Mary Sue Krause
Norma E Cohen
Maureen Barrett
Terry Dodson
Nancy Rini
Richard Tettelbaum
Sally Hunt
Andrea Gruhl
Barbara Cronin
Lola Pierson
$920.00 raised
GOAL: $6,500.00
Contributions are tax deductible.