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LWVMD's Policy on Candidate Debates Co-Sponsored with Broadcasters

Thu 1 May 2014

It is the policy of the League of Women Voters of Maryland that candidate debates and forums should be inclusive of all candidates who have qualified to be on the ballot, including all candidates of state recognized political parties, independent candidates, and write-in candidates. However, if the debate or candidates’ forum is co-sponsored by a broadcasting station and the station is not able to provide coverage if all candidates are included, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be legally qualified, if elected, to hold the office under federal and state law; AND 
  • Have filed and met all requirements to be on the ballot according to Maryland’s election laws AND
  • Demonstrate significant voter interest and support by:
    • Having received 15% of public support in a statewide public opinion poll conducted by a daily newspaper or other nonpartisan organization; OR
    • If no such poll exists:
      • Provide multiple examples of campaign coverage by at least two major media sources in different geographical areas of the state AND
      • Demonstrate that a formal campaign is being conducted by the existence of campaign headquarters and staff or an active website.

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During Elections, the League of Women Voters assists people to become more informed participants in their community and their government by

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  • and hosting forums for candidates.

The LWV also

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  • distributes informational brochures and pamphlets;
  • and provides information about government on the national, state, and local levels.

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