Convention 2017

48 delegates had fun networking on Friday, June 9th (with a walking tour of downtown Chestertown, a Tea at the White Swan Tavern,WhiteSwanTea.JPG a river cruise or a creekside picnic), followed by a day and a half of dialogue produced agreement to tackle FOUR NEW STUDIES, a new LWVMD Board, a new procedure for maintaining memberships, a remarkable address from Washington College's president on innovation in ways to fund college tuition, and an overall focus on making the League sustainable going forward! 

The five studies adopted at Convention 2017 are as follows:

  1. Death with Dignity will be chaired by Sandra Bjork.  It has been proposed before the legislature in Annapolis twice already and the League delegates agreed that we should develop a position on such an important matter. 
  2. Civic Education is an important issue for both students and the general population.  The League needs to discover just what is being done presently and how we can assist in improving communication about Civic Education.  The committee was granted latitude in framing the study.  A Chairperson will be selected once the study group begins to meet.
  3. Corrections and Bail has lots of written testimony both pro and con which will prove valuable when researching this topic. Several people were interested in working on this study which presently does not have a Chair person. And finally
  4. Services for the Aging will be chaired by Melanie Cox.  There were three Local Leagues interested in this study which could end up with a list of best practices throughout the state.